Žan has grown in a deep appreciation for all the masters of this music and is an important part of the Drum Family. This is a man and his music that anybody who wants to come to New York and play jazz should know.
— Joe Farnsworth, 2019

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Žan Tetičkovič - I. Divertimento

Jean John - Beep Street (Squarepusher) / "The Octopus"

Jean John Trio - AJ's Footsteps


A Love Lane Nocturne

Featuring Emmet Cohen & Russell Hall, liner notes by Joe Farnsworth

Love Lane spletna stran cover_b.jpg
During our time working together, he composed and produced original compositions and a group conception for his own performing group that combined, in a very unique and personal way, his interests in progressive jazz and the advanced rhythmic traditions of his Slovenian roots’ The writing, arranging, and production decisions were all his, and he did a masterful job.
— Drew Gress