9 New Songs written for a visual artist Eva Petrić

It is always a refreshing change of pace when I get offered to write for someone, albeit a highly acclaimed artist in their own regard, who is not primarily working in the music business. This spring, I received an opportunity to work with a world acclaimed modern visual artist and a sculptor, Eva Petrič. Eva is a multiple award winning artist best known for her installations featuring traditional Slovenian material, most notably lace , which is most common for region of Idrija and is also a national symbol of Slovenia. Moreover, Eva is a highly talented vocalist and and due to her deep artistic personality a musician with a clear and interesting vision, her style could be best associated with Björk or Radiohead. Only for her, I’ve written unique 9 new songs that are completely through composed and quite complex in their compositional nature. We are planning to go in the studio in September or October this year and as much as Eva does, I am also looking forward to presenting this music to the world. 

7. Naslovnica .png
Andrej Lamut