Squarepusher - Beep Street (world premiere!)

One of the longest and by far the most challenging project that I have ever attempted on my instrument, drum-set has finally reached a peak. Attempting to completely nail the computer programmed track “Beep Street” (Squarepusher, Hard Normal Daddy, 1997) was anything but easy. Two weeks of transcribing, 11 months of practicing, 6967 notes, 14 sounds, 8 instruments and 4 at intense drum’n bass (drill and bass if you will) speed at 160 beats per minute … all in just 7 minutes and recorded in two takes. The level of details that I have attempted to execute is beyond what is possible for a human body to comprehend, hence it was a big challenge to pull it off. I recorded the video in beautiful and typical Bushwick loft in Brooklyn and now it’s finally available for public and will be  premiered by the Roland company!  I sincerely hope you enjoy! 

Andrej Lamut