Early summer tour has concluded!

Early summer tour has finally came to an end! Past three weeks have been very busy and enriching, with lots of great moments, on and off stage. The tour began with a composition masterclass in Maribor on festival “Jazz Ma Mlade” (to which I arrived directly from the Budapest airport 2 minutes before the start), followed by an evening concert with my “The New Standards Trio”, this time featuring Milan Stanisavljević and Matej Hotko. Next thing was a special concert with Big Band RTV Slovenija and guests (Marko Churchetz, Jan Kus, Jernej Bervar, Igor Lumpert, Vid Jamnik and Ajda Stina Turek) in Linhart Hall in Cankarjev Dom at the Jazz Festival Ljubljana, where couple of days later, a long tour with the Slavo-Rican Assembly has also began. Between 9 shows at the festivals such as Jazz Ravne, Piran Jazz Fest, SaxGo festival, Ljubljana Jazz and Mozzajik festivals with this super group featuring chief Jan Kus, Aleksandra Denda, Dan Martinez, Gabriel Vicens, Gabriel Chakarji and Victor Pablo, I also spent a week in Udine, Italy as a part of inaugural festival “More Than Jazz”. For this very special occasion, an Alpe-Adria jazz orchestra was formed consisting of leading jazz musicians from Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and in only 5 days, we have produced and performed 6 entirely different programs. On top of all the performances, in free time, I also finished 3rd movement of my concerto for string orchestra and managed to write two movements for my Requiem! Busy, but enriching times indeed!

Zan Tetickovic