Octoechoes / Requiem November Tour

Ever since I started diligently studying and exploring the world of modal counterpoint,  I have been intrigued by its undisputed value as a source of inspiration and its ultimate connection to natural laws of human voice and voice leading. Overtime, this obsession also transcended to my core believe in creativity, that different musical worlds can inspire and coexist with one another. Project for a jazz quartet and a choir “Octoechoes” is a result of that. Originally, Octoechoes is the  name for organization of 8 main modes (4 authentic and 4 plagal, excluding Aeolian (minor) and Ionian (major) modes)). When  I began composing music for this project, I didn’t have any storyline in mind, but soon after, I became inspired to organize a whole into something really rare, a REQUIEM. Hearing combination of jazz improvisation, modal counterpoint, text from traditional requiem and also classical approach will be undoubtedly a unique experience. 

The Requiem will be premiered between 13-17th of November at the venues all around Slovenia, and it will consist of a quartet featuring Gianni Gagliardi on woodwinds, Antonio Mazzei on piano, bassist TBA and a chamber choir “Glasis” under leadership of Ernest Kokot. This event is surely not to be missed! 

Zan Tetickovic