Tension and Texture (2015-2022)


Carrying the same name as a massive theoretical undertaking and mission that I have been exploring for over three years now in private, with students and at master-classes, Tension and Texture is a an upcoming academic compositional manual and a book of immense proportions. The idea behind the creation of the project sprouted merely from my own compositional processes combined with the compositional techniques that I have been studying, analyzing and imitating in my works.

The premise behind this theoretical undertaking is to successfully analyze and describe the relationships and streams between polyphony and homophony, namely between modal counterpoint and functional harmony (hence the name Tension and Texture). Moreover, as a theoretical angle, each and every rule that has thus far been presented in modal and tonal writing will be treated and described as logically as possible; as it appears in nature (overtone series) and proposed and explored in new ways, ultimately as point of inspiration for composing and improvising and not solely as a rule.

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