The Port of Life II. - Enso


How to become nothing, to become invincible? How to reach the inimitable state of equanimity and great void? How to surrender yourself to memories and expectations, to forego cultural and surpass group identity and conquer the four stages to ultimate migratory freedom?

The musically vast work entitled "The Port of Life II. - Ensō, which through conceptually and genre complex multi-movement musical suite interweaves the psychological experience of the immigrant in later phases of acculturation and describes his long-term path to brighter cultural marginalization and the rise above group identification, the most recent compositional work by multiple award winning, New York based Slovenian composer Jean John / Žan Tetičkovič is a big successor to the project The Port of Life (2016) for which Jean received a special compositional prize "2017 ASCAP Johnny Mandel Prize.

From the initial phase of integration, in which the initial and new culture appear equivalent, to second state of complete assimilation, in which the immigrant completely surrenders to the new culture, to the melancholy-domicile position of separation, and, last but not least, the most psychologically emancipating phase of marginalization, the music written for the eleven piece chamber jazz ensemble and a classical string orchestra takes the listener on a unique path to personal regression and the rise over the phenomenon of socio-cultural identification.

The name Enso, which in Zen Buddhist culture does not only represent a circular motion and signifies the illusion of time, but also the moment of creation in the state of complete freedom is to showcase the project’s main premise to yet again take the listener on the sonically intertwined path of acculturation, which this time apex and terminates with complete emancipation from any kind of cultural or greater group association. The great individual void is the destination, and the necessary stage where one solely accepts responsibility for one’s own actions, free from anything given. 


Recording The Port of Life II. - Enso @ Studio 26 - RTV Slovenija

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