Returing to Creative Jazz Clinic Velenje for masterclass and workshop in 2019!

I am very happy to announce that upon receiving the invitation from international workshop Creative Jazz Clinic Velenje’s director Jure Pukl, I will be returning to participate as a lecturer and mentor on the 2019 edition of the same annual festival. Teaching in 2018 was amazing and I am super honored to further share and inspire students about the complexity and depth of the incredible world of counterpoint. As a special addition, I will be holding also a class in harmony, which in nutshell completes my mission as it will allow me to share the deepest insights (and an upcoming book) from my studies under a name “Tension and Texture”. Contrary to a 2-day session last year, in 2019, I will spend the entire week lecturing and teaching, so there will be plenty of opportunities for us to further explore this beautiful world of counterpoint. 

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Andrej Lamut