The Port of Life II. - Enso is on the way! Recording session booked!

It has been almost exactly 2 years since we recorded the initial The Port of Life 2 at the Radio and Television of Slovenia’s majestic studio 26. For a while now, I have been spreading rumors that the drive for continuing this project came back to me in full force, partially due to on going journey in immigration and acculturation (I’ve been experiencing the new and old sensations in a completely new way), partially due to new musical ideas and fresh point of view towards old material; points of inspiration that have been coming to surface basically in every compositional process I have conquered in the past year and a half. With that being said, I am extremely thrilled to announce that the negotiations and plans for a new album The Port of Life II. - “Enso” have reached the verdict and that almost exactly the same team of people will be going into the same studio 26 on February 25 2019 to record a bigger, better and stronger musical statement devoted to my psychological journey of immigration and acculturation. Promo video is coming out soon, stay tuned for more details! 

Naslovna fotografija - The Port Of Life - Enso.jpg
Andrej Lamut