The Port of Life II.: Enso recording completed!

After an intense week at the studio 26 of RTV Slovenia in Ljubljana, I am pleased to announce that the recording process of the project “The Port of Life - Enso” has reached a conclusion! The album is planned to be released this summer, more details about exact date and album distribution coming soon!

Thank you, Marko Churnchetz, Myles Sloniker, Lenart Krečič, Ana Čop, Tomaž Gajšt, Jani Moder, Matija Krečič, Nejc Avbelj, Barbara Grahor, Zoran Bičanin and the RTV Slo string orchestra for playing this music with more devotion and mastery I could ever envision.

Thank you Alja Kramar and Rudi Pančur from Radio Prvi for giving us this immense chance to capture this moment.

Special thanks to master producer Tone Jurca and the entire studio team, I don’t know what we would do without you.

Thank you, Andrej Lamut, Vid Izi Izlakar for the pictures and videos!