International Jazz Day & A Love Lane Nocturne album RELEASED!

Dear friends, fans and lovers of jazz music,

every year, April 30th hold a special place in our calendars as jazz musicians and supporters of this music, as we get to celebrate the International Jazz Day, which is and will be celebrated throughout the day all over the world, even in the areas and places where this music is not as easily accessible. As a contribution to this wonderful celebration, I do have some very special, long awaited news. A highly anticipated album A LOVE LANE NOCTURNE has finally been RELEASED! Featuring pianist EMMET COHEN (who became a Cole Porter fellow only three weeks ago by winning the most prestigious jazz piano competition in the world which is held every four years by the American Pianist Association), RUSSELL HALL on bass and splendid special guests NINA STRNAD on vocals and RUBEN FOX on saxophone, this is an album that will serve you as a perfect fit for an easy evening listening at your home or in your car or as an aid while walking in the busy cities or wondering alone in the nighttime and also as perfect fit as background music at your next dinner party. You can now ORDER an album through the SHOP site, and the CD will be shipped to you within few days. Within a week, the entire album will also be available on all the major streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube Music and many more. As a courtesy to all my fans and friends around the world, you can now listen to the title track of the album with lyrics featuring the incredible Nina Strnad.

Zan Tetickovic